Monday, November 22, 2010

in the AM

As the clock tics and tocs closer to 6am and i wonder where the hell the last five hours went/why they were there in the first place, I thought I would at least drop a post to have something to show for this gross abuse of time.

So, continuing on this arcade fire theme, I recently came about their new music video for their title track, directed by Spike Jonze. Jonzey really hit it on the nose (is that an expression?) with this one, definitely one of the most on point vids I've seen in a minute. Only intended watching about 30 seconds of it and couldn't help but stay tuned for all 6 minutes... kind of like a metaphor for my night

And yes. This is NEW, folks. Suck it, manny (:

Download: Arcade Fire- The Suburbs

Fuck, it's 6:02. Time to resort to drugs and/or listening to Tallest Man on Earth...

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