Sunday, June 29, 2014

Moves Like Jagger, Bites Like Suarez

Friends, family, and lovers past present and future,

It's upon us. If you're anything like me, you're experiencing unprecedented levels of stoke at the arrival of the World Cup. The World Cup is an epic exercise in binge-nationalism. We put aside bi-partisan politics, don our best ridiculous Uncle Sam garb and look fucking ridiculous, and stand (butt) cheek-to-cheek in crowded bars to watch our squad duke it out with the world's finest.

Although we have a lot to learn about the finer points of soccer fandom/hooliganism, I've been impressed by the genuine passion and level of fan engagement with this WC. After Portugal knocked the wind out of us with the last minute equalizer, I wandered out of the bar to witness a man sitting on the curb bawling his eyes out, as if he had lost his job, girlfriend, maybe even his dog too, all at the same moment. That's what being a true fan is about. Passion=pain. One moment it's pure elation, and the next, Cristiano Ronaldo crushes your vibe with a pinpointed cross to his boy up top. It's enough to reduce a grown man to a drunken mess. No one said that this would be easy.

Enjoy the rest of the World Cup. Bask in the togetherness, and try to start at least one obnoxious U-S-A chant before this thing is all through. A wise former co-worker once told me... if life don't hurt a little bit, you're not doing it right. In other words, if you end up a weepy mess if/when the U.S. gets KO'd, that's a good thing. If it doesn't devastate you for at least 10 minutes, you might be missing the point.

Be well ya'll, and enjoy this week's playlist.

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