Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poison Ivy, meet face

Yes, not only did I come home from a honestly fabulous weekend in Madison with a bronzed , a lakewater infused phone and a wicked hangover, but also a great itchy rash all over my face that went well with humidity! But miraculously, despite a potential 3 weeks tops, it went away?  So here are a few very very good songs i've been bangin' lately I bet you'll all like to celebrate...

Played at the perfect climax of a party, this song will take the dance vibe above and beyond. Or maybe it's all been in my head. Either way, this song gets so fucking catchy and an offish level 10 on the Shakeyourfuckinass Scale. Dance responsively.

(well used sample with an electronic song? giiive it up dudes..)

TWO: Finley, you dog!

So I hope your ears don't experience shock but let's bring it from a level 10 rager to a level 10 chiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll theee fuckkkk ouuutt anndd viiiiiberr... British musician, Finley Quaye, just struck gold with this one. Sit back and vibe to this brah..

Download: Finley Quaye- Even After All (nothin to say i dont bang this urryday at work)

TRES: ¡Fuego en Col√≥mbia!
I found these guys from those Creators Project videos (which are actually worth checking out). This song is oh so hott and the this colombian chick goes hard.... No lo dejes el fuago apagar puntas...

Download: Bomba Estereo- Fuego (works now)

FOUR: Whoooaaaahmygodd this is a sick remix
Soo I don't know (i doubt) if any of you are among the OG blogg fans to remember a little song from my SECOND POST EVURR...... but, Rye Rye, M.I.A.'s prodige has a little single called Bang (prod by Black Star) which received an onslaught of remixes. My favorite was the Sean Bronze electro remix..... UNTIL NOW. Prince of Ballard's caught me soo off guard in thee best way possible. I would tell you about it but I think the best way to go about this is to be surprised like I was
No sample play for Bang but here's another remix by POB along the same vein (but not nearly as good).
>Download: Rye Rye- Bang
>Download: Rye Rye- Bang (Sean Bronze Remix)
>Download: Rye Rye- Bang (Prince of Ballard Remix) (this is the fucking one)
>Download: Jay-Z & The Dap-Kings- 99 Problems (Prince of Ballard Remix)

Okay peace. Get Cryphy this weekend? What are we thinking? Get at meh.
/have i ever ranted about how fucking annoying blogspot is? if the formatting sucks on these posts, im sorry im just to lazy to fuck with it anymore. Thanks.

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