Monday, February 14, 2011


Bare witness: these dudes are finally taking off.. So take note. Restoring the faith one vid at a time. Prepare yourself. No one's gone this hard so uniquely since Big L; Cannibal Ox. So fucking refreshing to see dudes pushing the envelope and doing so in daring but creative ways. And no doubt they're talented on top of it all. The new single, Yonkers should give you a good idea of the go to sound Ty and his crew, OFWGKTA are puttin out. And I digs it. The third verse is supposedly spit from Tyler's alter-ego, Wolf Haley. In regards to his gig on Jimmy Fallon's show on the 16th:

“I want to scare the fuck out of old white fucking people that live in Middle fucking America.”

in order of appearance:

& lastly,

yo i'd throw you the link to the new Yonkers single but go get it on HERE, like i did. On that same note...

Went to the Big Gigantic show this weekend and had a fucking blast. I was tentative to drop the $16 but my friend brought up an interesting point. We never buy music anymore. This is the only way people putting shit out are getting paid. And for that i'll throw bones on a show. And  the obvious charges that go with it...

All right I'm going out #mondaynight. The Yonkers single got me too stoked. SO to @KEVINBASSEY puttin me on to this shiiiiiiiiiii a while ago #twitterstakingovermylife @molefacekillah 


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