Friday, February 25, 2011


Eyyyy everybody, sorry for the hiatus, i've been busy as a bee with school and stupid shit like that. But hey whatever I'm back hope you're still with meh. The homeboyo Emmanuel Mauleon recently dropped this bomb of a mix called "Controversy." Press download... then play, and let this funk/soul/disco/hiphop/jazzflute/blahblahblah inspired mix help you reign in the pending spring. holy FUCK i need some warm weather. Seasonal depression what upppppppp. Enjoy

Download: Emmanuel Mauleon- Controversy Mix

Given the fact that I haven't posted in over a week, I probably owe a liiittle bit more than one track but  they'll come. Thought I would add this track to all you lookin to dance this evening.. don't know why you wouldn't? New duck sauce remix (haven't even heard the original?) Anyways it's... FIREFIREFIREFIYAHFIYAFIYURRRRrrrRRrR

Download: Duck Sauce- Good 2 Me (Louis La Roche Re-Edit)
(if you don't wait until 1:30 for the drop, don't bother listening at all)

Sooooo OFWGKTA popped the FUCK off in the last week? Since getting shown/gettin blown away by Earl Sweatshirt last spring... to finally posting them last week... to Tyler, The Creator selling out shows on East coast... to Pusha T tweeting @fucktyler... to Kanye West tweeting @fucktyler the yonkers video? Hitting 1 mil on itunes... To them getting a segment on MTV news? To denying XXL mag's offer to be in the freshman class? Damn. Cam.  Dudes went from promoting their music on hypebeast message boards to getting their  Jimmy Fallon performance playing Sandwitches featured on hypebeast.................... Respect.

These dudes just changed the game and wrote the book on blowin up by getting on their grind and doo doo dooing whatever the fuck they want. It's the modern american dream. Neo Horror-core, 5-minutes of fame, call it whatever the fuck you want it's coming from a genuine place. Thrivers take note: being original, finding a niche, not giving a shit about the rules, staying ambitious, and using as many forms of media to push your shit in a quality and creative way pays off// shock factor of filming your crew putting a bunch of drugs in a blender in LA and eating cockroaches helps too. That's my take. The MTV article is good. Let's see what these fuckers do next...


Look at this shit:

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  1. controversy mix is swag. go check your wall posts, I remember telling you about tyler back in august and you slept on it. that means you're LESS RELEVANT.