Saturday, March 19, 2011

Worldly Shout Out

Ok sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. Work. Personal Crisis. Midterms. Post Midterm Celebration. Break. Bleeeh.
Anyways, hello again. This post may not come at the most timeliest of times (considering I may have lost most of this audience in my hiatus)... however, want to give a big special shout out to all the people who read this blog in the... 


and all the other audience members abroad who've peeped this shit in the last month or so. The audience stats don't lie. Sending out a whole lotta love...

And this, a special bombshell of a track dedicated to you folks. Been banging this for a while now. Still never fails at party time. The breakdown at the end..... Cum in your pants 

Download: Holy Ghost!- Do It Again

And being the last night of break... aka last night in the hood... Let's all consider finally jumping off the St. Patty's day Hangover Horse and doingggg it up. This song will assist you. This drop makes me wanna take 8 shots/rolls to the fucking faceeeee....

Download: Michael Woods- First Aid

I heard tonight's supposed to be the biggest moon in decades? Aka you're entitled to some craziness? Another big post tomorrow to compensate. Also-- big announcement coming soon..


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