Monday, September 27, 2010

hipster spasms

This one's kind of cliche but nevertheless pretty captivating and well shot. Made so much more legit when you realize the band and all the kids in this are from New Zealand. And I guess this song is #1 over there.

Download: The Naked And Famous- Young Blood

Very similar but this one blewmymiind... not only because there are excessively more tits. No, I find it more creative, bordering on supernatural hipster status. Almost like my supernatural experience friday in the May Kellogg room of my house, the room where the maid May Kellogg hung herself many years ago. Ask me about it sometime. This is right off the Spaniard, El Guincho's new album: Pop Negro. Thank Frances for the find via Barcelona.  Fucker.

Download: El Guincho- Bombay

Okay off to the library. Go packers. Siiike.

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