Tuesday, September 21, 2010

big ol' schmorgisborg

Despite having lived it up to quite the extent the last month, I am now officially getting shit on academically. Hence, the lack of posts recently. But hey, here's a pile of goodies I've been meaning to post for your enjoyment. Get at meh

One: Step aside, Stripes
This song is a monster of a White Stripes cover from the new french wonder Ben l'Oncle Soul. Does this one up sooo so right. Evan said it's like Maroon 5. But he's a pessimist.

Two: He's free, rejoice

Although the new Kanye's gotten all the hype, my mane Gucci couldn't have given me a better reason to celebrate a comeback. Neptunes got off on his newest track. And Diplo drops fire on this remix, one of my favorites from this banger of a mixtape (thanks berhe furr the link).

Three: A couple for the sucka MCs..
I could do a whole post on 9th. But htese are 2 of my favorite straight beats from the master crafter. Been banging these since sophomore year in the civic. Flips the samples like only 9th could (billy paul and marlena shaw respectively). People have rapped over these but sometimes you only need the rawness. Then again, sometimes 9th needs a new snare...

Four: Whistle while you work...
4A: (Anything for an unnecessary theme riight?) I played this everyday at work over the summer. Very well put together track, will be in your head for a while be wary. One of the best from the summer... remember the summer?


(these numbers are getting pretty arbitrary, and apparently so are the photos) Aysha showed me this one. Couldn't help but put it in the set. Straight from lead frenchman RV Salters.. fuck i could have done a french theme with Ben l'Oncle Soul....

More whistlin' fun! I just remembered this one. Nice little diddy by the brooklyn based indie poppers. Another summer fav that's good for a good mood.

Okay, fuck you back to homework.

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