Thursday, December 9, 2010

Folk and Dog Afternoon

Angus, Julia, their Dog:

(SO GOOD) Been meaning to post this song since last spring. For all the lovers out there, an astoundingly well made song-- great harmonizing vocals and hook. Kicks into things so nicely with drums and string accompaniment. The tune from the talented (and pretty attractive) Australian sister/brother duet should warm everyone's cold ass day up...

Download: Angus & Julia Stone- Big Jet Plane


Pretty easy to fall in love with these guys out of Philly (if you haven't likely already). Another couple tracks I've been meaning to put up since spring but  sometimes these themes just fall in my lap. Just a couple of my favorites...

Download: Dr. Dog- Ain't It Strange
Download: Dr. Dog- Heart It Races

Another song, another dog photo:

Another well-crafted song that goes nicely with the mix (besides the photo). Listened to it most of the summer but it definitely sounds more pertinent now in the winter
(Listen to it here) (if you don't trust me)
Download: Romany Rye- All the Boys

Also will take this opportunity to announce I just found out Snoop Dogg will in fact be in Madison on Feb. 1st as part of the Get Wet Tour. Any takers?

Aaaaand lastly, I couldn't help myself...

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