Sunday, January 2, 2011

Año Nuevo

Hope everyones recovering well from the weekend. I'm still debating whether or not I should do some sort of year end lists. Would anyone be trying to navigate through something like that? Your radar's probably blowing up with lists though so why saturate the game? Maybe I'll just hook it up with a big ass zip file or something. In the mean time, add these to the new year's playlist...


To be honest, I've been kinda off my grind lately. However, i did come across this little gem. This is off the Swede's mixtape: Kills. Not a mash up, just a savvy sampling job with some haunting vocals to match. Def caught me off guard in the best way possiblé. Oh so very dope.

Download: jj- Still (Dr. Dre)


I meant to post this last spring. Maybe I did? But I set my itunes alarm today and the shuffle gods played this. Killer vocals funky bassline blah blah blah

Download: RJD2- The Shining Path (Alan Wilkis Remix)


I just reacquainted myself with this tune from '07. Couldn't help but play it the other night when it was my turn to be youtube-party-dj (along with the jj). Used to be quite the jam and still is. I might go as far to say it's Premier's sickest beat........ whooooopsies there it is I said it... Or at least the funkiest. I'm showing the video because the beginning shows him craftin' the bitch on the MPC. Classic shiiiit.

Download: DJ Premier- Classic (ft. Raekwon, Kanye, Nas, KRS-One


This is the point in a post when I debate posting none, 1, or 3 more songs.... I'm going to resist the urge and end it with this one. Came out relatively recently-- whaddayaknow, another banger off Ed Banger Records. Classic case of finding a sick loop and crafting a song around it. Cassius did a very fucking admirable job. Peep the dubstep remix too. This vid's too cool not to put up either...

Download: Cassius- I Love You So 

Hope to see you around. Be back soon, I'm going to start getting going on my new year's resolution. Boom.

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  1. A big zip file sounds like a good idea, or maybe you could find a way to compile all this musical goodness into a continuous playlist somehow?