Friday, March 12, 2010

"Twin Cities Biddy"

Two posts in one day..? Suddenly very necessary... I just got the scoop from the source and one of my best friends def hooked up with GZA from the legendary Wu-Tang last night. Pointed out in the crowd, brought up on stage, and the rest is history. Damn. Cam. Speechless. You're only 7 members away from the whole clan. Jp but let's be honest here, if there was one wu-tang member who would be most legit to hook up with it's my man GZA.

Let me just quote: "I want you to be ma' Twin Cities Biddy." --GZA

Props, babe. Let me just dedicate these two stellar GZA jams to you (for everyone to download and enjoy):

>Link: Lyrical Swords ft. Ghostface Killah- GZA
>The Drop I Hold (ft. GZA) (Afghan Raiders Remix)- Black Lips

^I was looking for the right post to put this song (bangs supah hard) in but i never would have imagined just how appropriate it would be...



  1. i would only ever give myself to Method Man, and possibly ODB...

  2. that is some dirty cowbell on the Afghan Raiders mix