Sunday, May 23, 2010


11 days deep in summer.... And so far it is off to a very good start. Biking. Sweating. Frolfing. Sexting. Laking. Lex-Ham exploring. Failing. Swimming. FUCKING PARTYINGG. Cousin's weddinging. Tanning. Sunburning. Dancing. Basketballing. Fucking Jaggerbombing. Being a piece of shitting. Soon to be grad partying... Okayy

That all doesn't leave much time for blogging. But heyyyy here I am let's do thissss (I'm leaving for kansas city tomorrow for a week so this bitch is loaded to tide you over.) Count em' off!

Completely forgot about this one. Was a go-to summer jam about two years ago. One of my fav rappers, Blu, along with the man Ta'Raach. May surprise you. In a good way.

Download: Buy Me Lunch- C.R.A.C. 

They're french. They make catchy electronic music. Cool.

Download: Tout Est Parfait- Numéro#

Hey look, it's Yelle. She's french too! But Crookers... he's italian. Bummer. Jp. But seriously. I put this on my first post ever but you didn't appreciate it back then. Try doing it now.

Download: Cooler Couleur (feat. Yelle)- Crookers

Hey look, it's that band BLK JKS. They're from south africa! And boy does this shit sound like it. No doubt my fav song i've heard of theirs This is the newest track in this post by far.

Download: Zol!- BLK JKS

I forgot about this one! This was on the first and last skate video i ever bought back in 5th grade. So fucking smooth. Never knew someone who didn't dig this like a grave.....
Humidity cure = Electro Jazz.

Download: Get a Move On- Mr. Scruff

Post 2...
Come on, didn't you miss these??

Remember M.I.A.'s new single Born Free? Well now there's a remix! (why am I using such exciting punctuation?) I don't usually say this but I actually am liking this remix much more than the original. He added these poppy drums and catchy little synth poppers... yum.

Download: Born Free (High Constrast remix)- M.I.A.
(p.s. this shit is actually really good to run to....)

A couple more. These are throwbacks, but they fucking rock. Two different, but both quality flips (easily the best out there) on Passion Pit's The Reeling. Even if you haven't heard the original for some reason you'll reeeally enjoy these...

Download: The Reeling (Miike Snow remix)- Passion Pit (play this loudly)
Download: The Reeling (Calvin Harris remix)- Passion Pit 
Post 3...
Holy shit this is getting excessive. Just chill out and bare with me. It's summer and you have nothing better to do. Make a mix.

A Mos Dub song was posted a little while ago here, but I wouldn't feel comfortable without posting this one too. The laid back horns will no doubt add some kindling to the 80 degree fire outside. And I had forgotten about Quiet Dog until i saw some phone commercial using itSo fucking good. 

Last but not least, a song dripping in summer spirit...

Remember the Cool Kids? I had listened to their mixtape Gone Fishin' in Africa last summer and wasn't too impressed. This song however caught my attention after the fact. Sickest beat I've heard in a while, drums and a bass line for a hook? Feelin ittt maaaaaaannnng 
(I apologize for Don Cannon)

OKAYYYY... that took up way too much time.. start downloadin...

(Post 4?)
The new summer thing. Straight outta New Orleans. Bounce music. Get to know. First white person who learns how to do this gets a prize... my money's on Megan G...

Enjoy the tunes. Enjoy the heat. And I'll see you in a week, effurrs

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