Thursday, April 15, 2010

Malcolm's turn

El homeboyo, Malcolm aka DJ Dana Sauce aka DJ Papa Bear (where the fuck did those come from?) is giving me that weekly break once again via Colby College in Maine. If you have nothing better to do tonight (which you don't) check out his radio show streaming live at at 7 central 8 east. Requests are welcome as usual. But only good ones.

Lay the preview on em' falco.

Malc: New mixtape, done by Max Tannone, the same guy who did "Jaydiohead." Some quality dub remixes of some of Mos Def's jams. And this is one of them.

>Link: History Town- Mos Dub

Patrick: Thank Jah this shit came right in time for this weather. Although History Town is the fav (love that female vocal sample), there are def a few bangers on this. 
Download the whole mixtape here.

/stay tuned for my humidity-inspired-reggae-post coming this weekendd

Malc: I like this song more and more every time I hear it. I don't know what it is about it.
It's just so... down to earth. You can relate to it. It's not preachy or anything. You can probably memorize all the lyrics in the time it takes to read the title of the song.

>Link: Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell- Das racist

Patrick: Social experiment for the weekend: play that at a party and see what happens. The whole album is definitely love it or hate it mateerial.

Malc: I'm really feeling this song right now. Listening to it makes you feel like you're on a psychedelic journey to somewhere cool. It also really makes me want to dance, even though I would have absolutely no idea how to dance to a song like this. Maybe to robot? It's probably too smooth to robot to. Probably the moonwalk would be the best option. Youtube instructional videos, here I come.

>Link: Do The Astral Plane- Flying Lotus

Patrick: That reminds me. I've posted this before but I don't see any rules on bringing shit back for round 2... A MILLI!!

>Link: Robo Tussin ft. Lil' Wayne- Flying Lotus

(Schwick) QUATTRO:  
Malc: Yes, Cee-lo was dope before Gnarls Barkley. Yes, this song ranks up with "Forest Whitaker" by Brother Ali as one of the best personal, revealing, and inspirational songs written by a fat rapper. If you ever wondered what trials and tribulations Cee-lo faces on a daily basis, just press play. 

>Link: Die Trying- Cee-Lo
Patrick: Wait, what about We Thuggin' by Fat Joe?

Malc: If you thought R. Kelly couldn't make a song more sexual than Ignition (but less sexual than Bump N Grind), prepare to be proved wrong. I'm not sure the appropriate occasion to play this song, but let me know if you figure it out. Nobody lays the truth down like R. 

>Link: Feelin' On Yo Booty (Hypnosis Mix)- R. Kelly

Patrick:  How does this one rank malcolm?

>Link: Pregnant- R. Kelly ft. Tyrese

Enjoy the tunes. Tune in tonight for the full show.

p.s. the sun may increase the thursday thirst but know your limits.


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