Monday, April 19, 2010

dancehall dubstar

I'm not one to feed stereotypes (that aren't deserved) but I've been meaning to do a reggae post for a minute, sue me if it should so line up so well with the anticipated holiday...

Ever since Malcolm put up Mos Dub, the thermometer hit 80 last week, and tomorrow being what it is, a reggae post seemed very fucking appropriate. Thought i'd post these tonight while you're still in a state to download these jammahz. Here are the hits...

My-Top-5-Reggae-To-Help-Celebrate-Everything-Urryday (Part 1?)


Let's start this off right. Richie Spice. relatively new on the scene. Starts off sounding goofy as fuck but develops oh so nicely. Huuuurrrrrbbbb

>Link: Marijuana- Richie Spice


An original classic by the legend Dennis Brown. Recently remade and released as another single from Nas & Damian Marley's collabo album coming soon. I posted the original single on this post. I prefer the original but I'll let you decide.

 >Link: Promised Land- Dennis Brown
>Link: Land Of Promise- Nas & Damian Marley 

 Via the legendary Trojan label out of kingston. A BIG hit in 1977 I'm sure if it was re-released now it would be just as big. Pretty sure it's one of my Top 25 Most Played on my iTunes...

>Link: Uptown Top Ranking- Donna & Althea

I have wanted to post these for a while. I originally bought this on vinyl form at a garage sale. After realizing how fucking amazing it was i searched for "The Babylon Street Gladiators" everywhere with no avail. Turns out The Gladiators was the band, Babylon Street was the album... Enjoy. 1980s reggae=gold.

>Link: Rich Man Poor Man- The Gladiators (This chorus made me cry one time when i was really tired)

>Link: Prayer To Jah- The Gladiators (If the key change in the chorus isn't a prayer to jah I don't know what is)

This shit puts the DANCE IN DANCEHALL. I dare you to try and not shake your ass to this shit. An all time fav.

>Link: Tour (Lil Jon & Paul's Mix)

And watch this tomorrow if you're looking to lykke totes geek the fuck out brahh..... 


  1. I have "Rich man poor man" on an album called back to the roots.(A vinyl I also purchased at a dingy stoner's garage sale). I threw it on one time when I had some dreadlocked company and ended up getting an earfull of the politics behind the album. I guess virgin label was trying to corrupt their style with drum machines and modern synth so when they left the label in the early 80s they released albums that were really traditional (Back to the roots). It kind of makes sense. The songs from these albums all seem to have really well thought out lyrics that feel more righteous. fuck dancehall im trying to learn some life lessons from albert grifiths. bring back 80s reggie. good call mfk

  2. i definitely would have enjoyed these joints yesterday when i was in another dimension.

    uptown top ranking makes me feel like im behind the wheel of a lowrider with hydraulics cruising through the streets of some caribbean isle.

    very good shit sir