Friday, April 2, 2010


Welcome to the 2nd post in the blog-comeback-onslaught...
(the previous post obviously didn't count......)

The homeboy DJ Zane is rocking the dance party of the weekend, tonight at the Radisson main room in dinkytown. Just went with him to rent some super-psychadelic-kRaZy lights for us kids to trip out to. Yay.

Good stupid FREE top-40 fun. Put your crunkface on and do it up, it's about to be big big big. Jerk battle me.

Dear Zane, If I had one request for a non-disco song (that hasn't been posted yet)(besides you're a jerk, obvi) please play this song. Soon to blow up it's the new Cataracs joint with none other than the hyphy prince, E-40. After all, it's not a dance party without E-40 somewhere in the mix... This shit bangs.

>Link: Club Love Remix (ft. E-40)- The Cataracs

Actually... I might have just been inspired.... to do a post I have waited a long time to do.... yes.. i think it's about time I unleash.... possibly controversial...


If you don't know about the hyphy movement in the bay...... if you've never gone hecka dumb at a sideshow on a thizz.... then let's get you going kiddo. Call me a hyphy scholar. Play any of these at your party and it's game over. 
First session of Professor Thizzberg's Anthropology of Da Bay 101. Let's begin the tutorial.

The aren't even part of the list. These are just givens.
 The Hyphy Prophet himself... Mac Dre. With the anthem. I remember when Charley got Mac Dre confused with Mac Lethal and I almost murdered him.
>Link: Thizzle Dance- Mac Dre

I'll never forget when they let this shit bang at Central dances. So fucking dumb. Or when we blew up the lunch room with this shit.... The sickest remix I have ever heard. Ever. "Jesus had dread so shake them".
>Link:Tell Me When To Go (Trackademics remix)- E-40

And the others...

1.) This song unleashes a beast in me. If you don't have your shit plugged into a sub though.. don't bother.
>Link: Bottles Up- The Team

2.)  A hyphy hierarchy would go something like this...  
God: Mac Dre. 
King: E-40 (maybe Too $hort..)  
Prince: Keak da Sneak (he did after all invent the term "hyphy"). Hella stupid

>Link: Super Hyphy- Keak Da Sneak (produced by Traxamillion)
>Link: N Fronta Yo Momma House- Keak Da Sneak  
(had to add the 2nd one in too because it's so dope even though it's more of a g-funk beat)
"Hey, as long as Keak's happy, I'm happy" --Isaac Lunde.

3.) Had to do it. A classic. Traxamillion struck gold with this shiiiii. And what a rat pack to assist.
>Link: Sideshow- Traxamillion ft. Too Short And Mistah FAB

4.) Oh my dear Yukmouth and crew, thank you so much for the warm welcome.
>Link: Welcome 2 Da Bay- Yukmouth

5.) Smooth stupid dumb and bouncy. Aye Aye. Straight outta East Side Oakland, the debatable hyphy mecca. I still don't know where the fuck this dude got his name from but I bet he rocks a mean turf dance...
>Link: Turfs Up- Beeda Weeda

And I have to add this in too. Our Twin Cities attempt at a hyphy rap group was known as The Lurp Mob via the Lex-Ham hood. This was our anthem. My dream of doing a show was never fulfilled. But maybe some day. Made this shit in my basement a minute ago with a synth ans a Mistah FAB sample... Disregard the dialogue at the end. I'll post the other track with all of us rapping next time. Possibly.

And I hope this fills in any spots I missed... 

And with that playlist, I hope you all have a thizztastic Friday night. Hope to see you tonight at the show IT'S GOINGG DOWWWWNNN...

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