Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hope everyone's weekend was swell. Mine was certainly amazing. 22 days until summer. double-u tee eff..

In other news, put all other posts on hold, the new Crystal Castles album (that wasn't due until like june) got leaked over the weekend by some dude who was sent a promo cd and didn't know who they were.... Niiice. Props to my boyee timid tim for being a download slut and putting me on. If you don't know what this electronic duo is aboutt I posted some bangers back when on this post.

Here are the tracks that caught my attention but they're all pretty solid. Enjoy.

Celestica- Crystal Castles
Intimate- Crystal Castles
Vietnam- Crystal Castles

Also just wanted to add that on wednesday night I fucking saw this shit outside my dorm window. Fucking insane. Thought we were being bombed... Minnesota vs. Wisconsin?

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