Thursday, April 1, 2010


Despite what you might have thought, I am not dead and this blog is very much still aliveee. As the last post might have suggested, I have fallen off the face of the blogosphere mainly due to the influx of warm weather. But a lot has happened since the last post that has contributed to this hiatus...

Warm weather was enjoyed. I went to a dope RJD2 show. Then St. Patrick's day happened. Thizz happened. Then it snowed. Then it melted. MGMT's album got leaked. I got a job working for the equivalent of the C-SPAN of Madison as a camera guy (sounds as uninteresting as it is). Then Connor Zane and Malc visited the Madtown aka Bradtown aka Chadison.... Ruckus obviously ensued. Then tests and papers. Then I came home and relaxed wit ma boooo. Tim Hill's bbq. Grabbed jays and went to Cream night club (an experience, to say the least). Then I went to lake Superior with familia. And now I'm back with 4/5 of my break done and impending 2 mid terms and papers waiting for me when i get back. Fuck.

BUUT you don't care about any of that. You just want music. So now I'm going to whip out a few posts in the next couple days before my imminent academic rape in the upcoming week. Ready the KY.

Blog hiatus endssss..... Now.

1st post in the blog comeback onslaught:

I've wanted to do this for a while. These are fun. See how the producers chopped shit up and added what drums. Beware.. these are not considered remixes......

1.) Maybe if you've heard this shit maybe not. So fucking dope. Both versions. Madcon, the Norwegian duo (duo?) blew up with this a while ago pretty much  just put up a beat under the original Franki Valli version and added a rap. Didn't even change the name. Beware, this shit gets in your headd.

>Link: Beggin'- Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons
>Link: Beggin'- Madcon

2.) I posted this original by Isaac Hayes in the funk/soul post from a while ago. Never knew who sampled that shit until recently. Why the Geto Boys didn't use Isaac's horns in the original is beyond me. However, both are gems.

>Link: Hung Up On My Baby- Isaac Hayes
>Link: My Mind Playin' Tricks on Me- Geto Boys

3.) This was a good find. But go through any Curtis Mayfield or Al Green album and you're bound to find a sample or two. Flips this track so well. Young Jeezus Christ Super Star + 2 words: The. Cannon.
>Link: Man Oh Man- Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions
>Link: Go Crazy (remix)- Fat Joe, Jay-Z & Young Jeezy

4.) I first recognized this spinning on its original crispy vinyl version. Beautiful. Speed up the intro, add a little drums and voila, call me Ant. Off my fav atmosphere album. You may recognize The O'Jays from their Backstabbers song also from the funk/soul post a while ago.

>Link: Who Am I- The O'Jays
>Link: Little Man- Atmosphere

5.) This last one needs no explanation. You'll recognize it right away. Sing it, Freddie.
>Link: Got What I Need (You)- Freddie Scott

Also just wanted to post this because it's just really fucking cute. Yay health insurance reform (:


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