Thursday, April 22, 2010

My dad just reminded me it was earth day...

(That is what happens when you search "mother earth" on google images) 

For all those of you that don't respect our mother that is earth... I give you with this...
>Link: Fuck You- The Knux

WAIT! I forgot about these dudes... brother duo, Krispy and Joey via New Orleans. Nice electronic+rock+ good ol' hip hop combo= Quality as fuuckk. Anyone heard of a sophomore album any time soon?
>Link: Cappuccino- The Knux (Def my go-to jam summer junior year)
>Link: Hard Days Night- The Knux
>Link: Bang! Bang!- The Knux

Happy Thursday. Go outside. I have to go to work. Effff em eLL....


  1. There should be an "earthday sex" remix with jeremih and Earth Song by MJ
    Whos with me?
    Hella theoretical youtube royalties