Sunday, February 7, 2010


Funk. Soul. R&B. Sex. Fire. Bass. Pimps. Vinyl. Horns. Gold. Some words that come to mind. This is the best music posted yet. These are some under the ground hits mostly from the early seventies (before the onset of the electronic) that no music library should be without. I guarantee if you have any sort of taste in music you'll be banging these tracks for the next month. My Top-10-Songs-That-Will-Make-Your-Earwax-Melt..... no partic order...

1.) Play this very loud. Close your eyes. Listen to that smooth ass guitar (and horns eventually). Drums. Listen to those smooth ass harmonized vocals. Undress. Okay.
Brothers On The Slide- Cymande

2.) I originally got this on vinyl. What a fucking find. I think it's been sampled by quite a few. But none as good as the original. Strings. Feel the knife in your back and that note he hits at 42 seconds. Okay.
Backstabbers- The O'Jays

3.) I played this song for a minute not knowing what the hell it was. Came from some random mix that evan got. Luckily some girl on my floor had Shazam on her iPhone so I could put a name to it. One of my top played on my iTunes. Wait till the beat drops 45 seconds in... You should proooobably have sex to this...
Oh Honey- Delegation

4.) This guitar hook will be in your head for days. No matter what mood you're in this will make you happy... in a really smooth way... especially after those horns come in... R.I.P Isaac
Hung Up On My Baby- Isaac Hayes

5/6.) As much as i'd like to take credit for discovering these, leave it up to Peanut Butter Wolf to scoop em up and put them on a couple of his great mix cds. Ernie & The Top Notes' vocals makes you want to get naked. The chorus in the Pure Essence song will make you want to run away.. in a really good way..does that make sense?
Things Could Be Better- Ernie & The Top Notes
Third Rock- Pure Essence

7.) This next one i have to give props to Witt over at WACTAC for hooking me up with. I have no idea where you found this but as you can tell by the pic, Darondo ran shit in bay area in the 70's.
Darondo- Didn't I

8/9/10.) Hip Hop samples. I'm sorry but so much hotter in their original state of excellence. Alchemist flips William Bell's guitar riff for Dilated Peoples song Worst Comes to Worst. Jay-Z used this Little Beaver sample in his American Gangster song Party Life. This is easily one of my favorite songs ever. The only song you should ever play at a party.
I Forgot To Be Your Lover- William Bell
Get Into The Party Life- Little Beaver

And last but not least, Willie Hutch's seventies anthem: I Choose You. Immediately recognizable as the sample from International Players Anthem. Hutch made this song for the 1973 film The Mack based in Oakland (of course). A scene of which is posted below...
I Choose You- Willie Hutch

I quote:
"We can settle this like you got some class, or we can get into some gangster shit..."

p.s. Let me also quote Berhe when he took that 10$ bet against the Saints with me "easiest 10 bucks i've ever made." Cam.


  1. Rizzy--

    sick list. I am jammin' to I chose you, got to love the original.

    and get into the party life is registered to your itunes account, hence no playback for the dlers.

  2. good call dog, i'll fix that up. Yeah def cop all of these. They're gold.