Monday, February 22, 2010

I may owe you $7. But probably not.

Sooooooooo, my bad. Its been a while since a post. I don't know if anyone cared buut in case you do.. my excuse? Being home all weekend (where i saved the life of a very old black man) (ask me about it in person). And midterms (1 down 1 to go) (suck it, anthro). Let me compensate by hooking you up to the moon with some banguuurrrzzz i've just been waiting to unleash on you all.

If I was to make a  playlist of some of my favorite hip hop tracks from the past couple years... this is all it would include. Download every one of these songs (BY CLICKING ON THE TRACK NAME..... i dont think some people get that...). You'll thoroughly enjoy them. In fact, I owe you $7 if you don't like just one of em. My Top-7-hip-hop-songs-I-know-you'll-like-or-I-owe-you-$7.

1.) I don't know where I found this but.... this beat is absolutely insane. If you're sneaker head make this your anthem. If you think you can dance, challenge me to a dance battle. Been dancing to this joint for just toooo longgg homieee.... one of my all time go-to party songs fur surre. And as you can see, Barack approves as well..
I Got Colors- Que B.I.L.L.A.H. feat. The Cool Kids

2.) This was my favorite song for so so long. Just rebirthed it. Such a smooth sample. And those vocals in the chorus.... FORGET ABOUT ITT. But seriously. Forget about itt. this will make you feel so good in such a good way.
Still Water- The Pacifics
(sorry no free download, but click the link, its without doubt worth buying)
3.) You know Outkast. I'd be surprised if you know this song. But maybe you do. Love this beat. Big Boi's (who i've decided is one of my favorite MCs of all time) flow is just on pointt. An whoever sings that chorus. All day i dream about it...
ADIDAS All day I dream about sex- Outkast & Killer Mik

4.) Took me so long to track down a download link for this shiii. I think it originally aired on the Coach Carter soundtrack..? Shout out to Ashanti. Another Kanye song to make you nostalgic of the old ways.
Wouldn't You Like To Ride ft. Common, Kanye West- Malik Yusef

5.) I remember a minute ago the first time I heard Slick Rick's voice I thought it was a woman. It's just toooo smooth. Made so much smoother over this smoov ass beat. My go-to jam over winter break.
Street Talkin'- Slick Rick ft. Outkast

6.) Who's on the comeup? J. Cole is on the mo fucking comeup. It's been a while since I've heard some new shit drop that I was really feeling. Right when I was about to give up, this song blessed my ears. Don't know where he copped this beat but it is too freshhhh. Flow is riiiight. The homie Kid Kotilly told me to post some Cole. Post some Cole I shall, my friend.
World Is Empty- J. Cole

7.) The beat. Is to be played loudly. And when that bass line drops. Nuff said.
Can't Hold On- MED

Thought I'd post this too. Although not included in my top 7, it is fresh off the boat (you heard it here 1st!) (maybe..). The Diplo-produced cut will appear on Snoop’s upcoming offering “More Malice”, a deluxe version of his current longplayer “Malice N Wonderland”.. clever, snoop.. And is Cudi is becoming as much of a slut as Weezy? Vote now.

Who better to rap and sing about smoking california herbalescence than this duo?

Snoop Dogg feat. KiD CuDi- That Tree.

Snoop Dogg feat. KiD CuDi -That Tree by Perriquin79

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