Tuesday, February 9, 2010

99 problems but my radio show ain't one...

The b.f.f.f. 4 LyFeE, Malcolm Kerr aka Money Malc aka DJ Dana Sauce if you weren't aware is holding it down for the radio world with his show way over at his college Colby, in Maine called "Pop Lock and Drop It". Predominantly hip hop, more specifically mash-ups and remixes. You can tune in every Tuesday night at 8-10 Eastern time, or 7-9 in the durrty midwest. Go to now and follow the online instructions to get hooked up with some qual tuneage. If you want to make a request, or just to chat, which he loves to do, call 207-859-5450. You can also IM him during the show using the meebo application on the home page of the wmhb website. Or text him. Sexting is also welcome.


I'll hand the commentary to the Malc man himself to break these tracks down...

ONE.) Anyone born around the early 90's should feel nostalgic when they hear this song for two reasons. One: this entire mixtape, the Ocarina of Rhyme, was put together using samples from the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, arguably the best game ever (also possibly the reason I was wearing glasses by 6th grade). Hearing this song for the first time made my day, I hope it has a similar warm fuzzy feeling for you all...
Slim Thug & Mike Jones - Still Tippin' (Great Fairy's Fountain)- Team Teamwork

TWO.) Cookin' Soul released a mixtape, the Red Album, which featured remixes of the Black Album, Jay-Z's epic "farewell" to the rap game, as well as remixes of some music by the Game. The mixtape cover features a photo-shopped head, half of it belonging to the Game, and half of it belonging to Jay-Z. With the Game's enormous button nose and Jay's crater nostrils, it kind of looks like a character from Pan's Labyrinth. The track's self-explanatory though, the beat's so amazing it even makes Jay's song about racial profiling seem like a total blast.
99 Problems- Cookin Soul x Don Cannon

Mashed up by Tom Caruana. An incredible track from an incredible mixtape, available for free download at I think it's a good deal better than your average mash-up, as the tracks sound more like remixes than the clear-cut, artist A over artist B's beat mash-ups. The whole mixtape is nuts, but this is my favorite track. Tom does a good job balancing the two songs. I only wish I had a car in Maine, if only to drive around listening to this on a sunny day. (There's also another track posted from this mixtape featured on Pat's top hip hop remixes below ft. Ghost)

Mighty Healthy- Wu Tang Vs The Beatles

Shout outs are plentiful. Listeners are greatly appreciated; doing the show is at least 15 times more fun if I know people are listening. So instead of dicking around on facebook on a Tuesday night, spend the night (over the radio) with me. And read Patrick's blog often.
All the best,

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