Friday, February 12, 2010

New management

So. First. Happy fucking Friday. Second. As some of you may have heard Brooklyn duo MGMT is coming out with their sophomore album, due to drop April 13th. It will be pretty hard to top their first album and judging by their new single Metanoia (which I just realized is almost 15 minutes long)... it's not looking promising. Haven't fully established an opinion. Definitely none of that signature MGMT poppy electronic hook or haunting vocals present. But you be the judge. I thought I'd use this post to put up some links to my Top-3-MGMT-remixes (God knows there are a million). The first one will blow your mind, Xaphoon Jones puts up probably the sickest mash-up i've ever heard. I love showing this to people for the first time when they think it's just Bob Marley. The second is by ya boy Justice who makes Electric Feel popppp with dat bass. And you've probably heard Chiddy Bang's chopped up beat our of Kids. But still fresssshhhhhh. Tell me if I missed one.

NEW: Metanoia- MGMT
1.) I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley, MGMT)- Xaphoon Jones
2.) Electric Feel (Justice Remix)- MGMT
3.) Kids (feat. MGMT)- Chiddy Bang

That Justice remix reminded me of one of the most insane music videos/pump up songs of all time. Still don't know if this is real.... Maybe give you some ideas for your Friday night... jp..


  1. yo rizzzz
    if you didnt remember, check out the soulwax remix to kids by mgmt.

    PS check out soulwax in general really banging stuff

  2. I love MGMT. They have a song for every occasion, although I could use some more pump up songs to add to my MGMT collection.