Monday, February 1, 2010


So it turns out all my friends have radio shows...
But now I have a blog mo' fucka! Sooo much lamer than a radio show but I do what I can...

I guess I have 5 main objectivos (that means objectives in spanish) for this thang:

1.) Post totally awesome music
I think i'm going to start these first few music posts off with some simple formats: top 5, top 10 etc. of various categories. And I might be doing that shiiii for a while because I have a GRRRIIP to catch up on fuckurrRzZ..

2.) Post pretty awesome links
Videos. News. Art. Videos. Nuff said. And porn. Jp.
And definitely looking to post all the Broductions Ent. videos filmed over the years on here. Including the new one... eventually.
And of course bet your ass I'll be posting any youtube gems i've been pulling out at parties lately.

3.) Post sorta awesome photos
I've got hella hella hecka helluh photos that have accumulated on my comp (like
3,000 cuh) which have never seen the light of 'eff bee' that people always pressure me to post. I'll compromise by trickling them out into cyberspace via blog. Maybe I'll do a top 5 format for this too, like, top 5 best cell phone pictures of poops my friend Malcolm's sent me etc.

Let the games begin. (Sweet, sweet procrastination)

<~*^!mAkE dA tRaP sA3 Ay3 4 yA bOy3!^*~>

(^i'll change up the signature every so often)

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