Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Okay. So as I said, I'm going to come out pretty hard with these first posts. So catch up. I'm secure as the next guy but let's face it that last post was a little well, feminine. Let's see what I can hook up for my hip hop heads with my current Top-10-HipHopAndYouDon'tStop-Remixes... (I'll do my top mash-ups later).

1.) These days i could spit and itd probably fall on a new Cudi single. I personally think the dude fell off a little but as you'll see, his remixes sure as hell haven't. No, this isn't the fucking Crookers remix. This might be my favorite song right now straight up and will make you really popular if you play it for friends. I recommend playing it and not telling people what it is until they hear the verse and then they're like daaaaayyyuuuum...
*Wait until you hear the saxophone sample in the chorus... and get a hard on...

2.) Beatnick & K-Salaam the duo from New York remixed Common's album, Be a while ago. I think this is the best song off there. More from these dudes later...

3.) I've been banging these for a minute buuut, they just have to be included. A-trak remix of the hood anthem... Wamp Wamp (making it definitely less hood... but still tight). And then again remixing (technically a mash up) Kanye's Get Em High (remember when kanye was good?) and the swedish band, The Knife's hit, Heartbeats.

4.) Let me stick with the clipse theme for a second with Z.A.K.'s remix (Malc turned me on to this one too) of Mr. Me Too. THESE HORNS BANG...I'll post the sample too which I recognized a couple weeks ago when I heard that guitar loop.

5.) When it comes to mash up albums DJ Swindle did it upppp. This shit's pretty old news but it had to be on this list. Ma boy Malc turned me onto this last summer: Bobb Deep= Bob Marley+Mobb Deep (all from the timeless The Infamous). Fuck it I'll just post a few. Sorry i'm too lazy to match the song names off the infamous album. Evan and Berhe will probably get on me about not just recognizing them but i don't give no fuckk..
DJ Swindle 1- Bobb Deep
DJ Swindle 2- Bobb Deep
DJ Swindle 3- Bobb Deep

6.) Meant to put this with the dance songs in my last post but lucky for you it counts as a hiphop remix too. It's kinda old so you may have hear it but it's just such a banger...

7.) I never thought I'd see the day when I'd see Flying Lotus would do a Weezy F remix for A Milli but shiiiiii, it's hot. I also never thought I'd see the day when someone as white as Charley Stewart could rap any one of Wayne's verses, from any song, flawlessly. Lotus also does one for I Feel Like Dying.. but it sucks almost as much as the original (sorry, Chuck).

8.) You may know all about Rye Rye, MIA's little protege to hit the scene last summer (props to Megan G for turning me on... to the song) but you might not know this remix. Sean Bronze does up an originally pretty weak beat by MIA's DJ, Black Star.

9). AmpLive, OG producer from the Yay Area (O-Town more specifically) chopped the shit out of Radiohead's historic album In Rainbows to make the Rainydayz Remixes. You may have heard of that mashup album "Jaydiohead"... this shit's way better.
Nudez (ft. Too $hort & MC Zumbi of Zion-I)- AmpLive
Video Tapez (ft. Del the Funky Homosapien)- AmpLive

10). This one I found a couple days ago and had to send it over to ma boyee Evan G right away for that sample... so good..With ghostface's song- Save Me Dear (Funny, The Hood Internet also mashed this one up with a Beirut song)
Save Me Dear (Ghostface Killah x She and Him)- Tom Garuana

11). Cheated. Forgot no top ten hip hop remix album would be complete without the Ratatat remixes. This song off the original album Roc La Familia suckedd by the way.
Glock Nines- Beanie Sigel Feat. Jay-Z

Okay this should tide you over for a while. I'll probs think of like 10 more after i post this but whatevuurr.
Hallelujah Hollabakk.

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