Sunday, February 14, 2010

Video Sundayyy Second Edishh

(Edition). Ok. First off. Happy Valentine's day. I'm not a big fan of it right now. But if you like it, I hope you have a happy one. These videos aren't that exciting. But neither is valentine's day. Second off. Trailor-Trash-Wedding themed party last night. Bawitdaba was a favorite. Fucking radd. Almost too radd. Made this video feel like an appropriate post the day after.

Ninjasonik's remix of Matt and Kim's song, Daylight. You kinda have to watch the whole thing. Here's the download link if you don't have the original song...
Daylight- Matt and Kim

This is cool too. It'll blow yurr fuckingg miind braaahh. Jp. But seriously. I saw this originally as part of the British Advertising Awards.

Last but not least. I forgot about this shit from a couple years ago. Still so funny. I made the borderline pink and red for valentines day.

And lemme just post this song. I love this song. I could hear Common rapping over this. This whole album is gold i have it on vinyl too. A good Sunday afternoon song.
Runnin' Away- Sly & The Family Stone


  1. not sure if you're into this, give it a feel:

    bon iver just got a lot easier to dance to

  2. yeah i like that a lot. I don't know if you've ever heard what hood internet did bon iver+friendly fires & Aeroplane. It reminds me of this super dope