Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Dre Day

How I wish I was back in the MPLS (aka the LBC) tonight. Minnesota's nicest over at Burlesque of North America do their annual celebration at the Triple Rock tonight. Wishing everyone a good ol' time. Local hero DJ Jimmy 2 Times made up this mixtape for the event for you all to sip gin, juice, and everything in between to. A great soundtrack for anyone's thirsty thursday. And pour some out for ya boyee who will be spending his dre day in the library. KILLA!

Download the mixtape here

Tracklisting for the official Dre Day mix
1. Jimmy2times – Dre Day Intro
2. Blackstreet f/Dr. Dre – No Diggety
3. 50 Cent f/Mobb Deep – Outta Control(Remix)
4. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg – Tha Next Episode
5. Snoop Dogg – What’s My Name
6. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg – Deep Cover
7. Snoop Dogg – Tha Shiznit
8. Dr. Dre f/Knoc’Turnal – Bad Intentions
9. Dr. Dre – Let’s Get High
10. Snoop Dogg – Gin & Juice
11. N.W.A. – Gangsta Gangsta
12. N.W.A. – Fuck the Police
13. The D.O.C. – It’s Funky Enough
14. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg – Little Ghetto Boy
15. Dr. Dre – Let Me Ride
16. Snoop Dogg f/Xzibit – Bitch Please
17. Dr. Dre – What’s the Difference
18. Dr. Dre f/Hittman – Ackrite
19. Snoop Dogg f/Tha Dogg Pound – Doggy Dogg World
20. Mary J. Blige – Family Affair
21. The Game f/50 Cent – How We Do
22. Snoop Dogg f/The Lady of Rage – G Funk Intro
23. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg – Still DRE
24. Dr. Dre f/Kurupt, RBX & The Lady of Rage – Lyrical Gangbang
25. Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck
26. Eminem f/Dr. Dre & 50 Cent – Crack a Bottle
27. Snoop Dogg – Lodi Dodi

And let me leave you with this. Dre in one of his more gangster collaborations.............
Jimmy Z  & Dr. Dre  . Funky Flute
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  1. Quit stealing my trump card for Youtube battles. Pourin out a little Colt45 for Dre here in Providence.

  2. hahah. damn. you got me dog. I'm just waiting to put that video up of that goat falling to the tom petty song. Maybe i'll give you props when i do.