Sunday, February 7, 2010

Video Sunday

Mighta just made up a new tradition... I present you the 1st edition of Video Sunday. Thought i'd post some videos for your viewing pleasure while you put off shit to do until the game. Looking forward to copping my $10 from Berhe's ass when the Saints take it. It's just fate, homeboy.

1.) I really appreciate this. Anytime I need to tell kids about my high school, how Central (Centro) (Rentro) got down, in a lot of ways this pretty much sums it up... I def recognize both these kids. And Joshé's screaming... Listen for how it gets broken up in the end. I love how this shit has 10 times more views than any video i've ever made...

2.) I've wasted my time watching a lot of shitty failblog videos, and i feel kinda lame posting one of these but trust me when i say this one's gold... I think the best part of this is how you can hear the dude filming, holding back laughter immediately after it looks like his friend might have just died..

3.) It's kinda depressing to think how much time this probably took and how little i appreciate it. Still so dope.

parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

4.) I also just wanted to post this. Last night I was at a party and took my turn as being the DJ for a little. First I played Marvin's Heard It Through The Grapevine. What can I say, everyone was feeling it. Theenn I thought I might try my luck with the 5th grade jam, Smooth, by Santana and Rob Thomas. Holy shit. I have never seen a collective buzz get killed faster. Anything the party had going was murdered by that opening guitar riff. Not one person in there had any love for Carlos. I quickly ran away from the computer and hid in the kitchen...

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