Monday, February 15, 2010

Late night disco sickness cough

I'm sick. I hurt. I'm plugged with so much tylenol and phlegm my head's about to explode. And I have a paper to write. I can't believe it's only 11. Thank god for these songs for keeping me up right now, downloaded most of them today. I thought I'd quickly share them with you if you're in any sort of similar situation... such a nice guy. Top 5 songs that are keeping me awake right now....

ONE. This shit is so hot. I wish Stevie and Lil' Wayne would collaborate on a song forreal..
Downtight (Chambaland Mashup)- Stevie Wonder vs. Jay Sean Feat. Lil' Wayne

TWO. Maybe don't listen to this while studying. The urge to shake your ass is almost overwhelming.
Raise Me Up- Hercules & Love Affair

THREE. If for some reason you don't know The Knife from Sweden you should get to know. Heartbeats (See the A-trak mash up with on the hip hop remixes post) was there big hit a couple years ago. I'm really feeling this track right now though.
Pass This On- The Knife

And I actually just found this remake of Heartbeats I really like a lot. Maybe listen to it when you're trying to fall asleep though...
Heartbeats- José González

FOUR. I'm going to have to use this in a movie one of these days. Where the fuck did this sample come from.
Why Don't You- Gramophonedzie

FIVE. Catchyyyyyyyyy. Someone remind me to put a mash-up the hood internet did with caribou and zion I.
Odessa- Caribou

......THEN listen to this when you're ready to fall asleep. One of my favorite songs ever. Listened to it every night in Honduras while trying to drown out the barks of emaciated dogs outside.

Storm Returns- Prefuse 73

That took too long. I think I legit have ADD. Thank you, blog. And I apologize for this pic...

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