Tuesday, February 16, 2010

99 problems but my radio show (still) ain't one...

Second edition. Ya boy from the hometown Money Malc goes on air tonight (8-10, 7-9 in the midwest) under his alias, DJ Dana-Sauce to supply you with the heat via Colby college in Maine. Here are 3 (of many) tracks he'll be flooding the airwaves with tonight for your downloading pleasure. If you forgot, get your ass to now and follow the online instructions to get hooked upp. If you want to make a request, or just to chat, call 207-859-5450.

Now, as usual, I'll hand the commentary over to Malc, with a word from me here and there:

ONE. Malc: My iTunes is kind of like a revolving door. Songs will come in, they'll get played, and for the time being it'll be amazing, until it's forgotten about, and relegated to the library. Once they're in the library, they'll probably stay there, never reaching playlist status. Some songs, however, have been on steady rotation since they were added. For me, this is one of those songs. Is it the beat? Is it the vocal sample in the background? The lyrics? The pre-jerk Kanye cameo? The stupid minute-long talking segment in the end? I honestly have no idea. But I don't think this track's failed to put me in a good mood since it made the internet-to-iTunes leap.
Patrick: That beat reminds me of something Kanye woud have rapped over on Dropout. Oh, nostalgia.

Reasons ft. Kanye West- Gly Gypsy- (The Vodka and Rum Mixtape)

TWO. Malc: Word on the street is that Big Boi is coming to Colby some time in the spring. I wanted to see if he was putting out any new singles so that I could sing along at the concert and I stumbled on this track. I can't even really put a genre on this track, but if this kind of music was a genre, it'd be my favorite. It's an amazing mix of hip-hop, swing and soul. 3 minutes in, her voice reminds me of a young Michael Jackson, right before the horns and ukulele kick in. That sentence alone should intrigue you enough to give this one a listen.
Patrick: I downloaded this a couple days ago off hypebeast but never listened to it long enough to hear the horns near the end. Fire. Good pick.  
Tightrope- Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi

THREE. Malc: I think adding the Jose Gonzales guitar in the background makes The Games' rhymes sound way more.... potent. I love this one because I think it works so well. This isn't party music, but if you're getting amped up to go protest or to drive around through bad neighborhoods in your car, by all means, play this loudly.

Patrick: Goddamn, I've been banging this song off a mix Evan gave me last summer. Had no idea what it was besides The Game over a sick sample. DJ Dert flips this so well. MLK AND Left Eye both had a dream? If The Game says it's so. (Jose Gonzales pictured)

Dreams vs. Cross (The Game vs. Jose Gonzales)- DJ Dert- Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

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