Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dancedancedancedancedancedance dance

Thought I'd start this thing off right with my current Top-Ten-Songs-to-Dance-Alone-In-Your-Dorm-to.....
...Or at parties of course. Everyone knows it's not a party without dancing.

Let it first just be said that the bee gees would be all over this list if i wasn't too afraid to get sued. AND Prince. AND the theme song from space jam. okay. let's begin...

1.) This one is definitely part of my nightly dance workout mixes that you can really work up a sweat to. I try to get my roommate Ben involved every night with no avail...

2.) Me and my little brother def danced our asses off one morning during break to this song in our underwear. Sorry to call you out, Joey.

3.) These guys played a free show at the Union last friday. And by 'these guys' I mean it turned out being just some DJ spinning their tracks but everyone was still dancing like kRaZeE so it was aightt. Kind of an old song but still groove-worthy. Vocals.

4.) This is a new one from Crookers ft. my french love interest, Yelle (i imagine her to be pretty hot). This shit's good but if you added some Swizz Beats hood "HEY"s on the upbeat it would bang so much harder.

5.) This one from the band Pyramid (formerly known as Starfucker, which in my opinion is totally a better name). My mom thinks his voice is really annoying but I'll let you be the judge.

6.) This song was soooo much tighter before I heard it was on one of those Urban Outfitters samplers. It's not like a total dance your head off song but i can still get down with that guitar hook for suuure.

7.) I'm pretty sure Mountain Dew's Green Label sound just picked this dude up (along with solid gold) which is pretty weak but this song is still dope. The video is kinda wack but he's def on the comeup. This song is really fun to do like an awkward-trying-to-be-sexy-hipster-girl-dance to... if you have any idea of what i'm talking about.

8.) Best dance song of the year. Period. Fucking love Chromeo. But who doesn't? There's a sick remix of this song i'll probably put up in the next post too. If you haven't seen this music video it's, well, inspiring... and sexy... I think I'll just have to put it up at the end of this post.

9.) I would have put up If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix right here but I feel like everyone already knows it. Instead I'm going to probably have to put the most borderline techno song I have up here. Yet some rapper could easily get off over this hook. By far the tightest techno (I'll have to ask Zane Hill for the specific sub-genre) I've heard in a minute... RAGEEE!!!
10.) I just fucking love this song. One of those late 70's funk bands who actually knew what they were doing with an electric keyboard. Classic.

Now go, dance the night away... GUCCI!!