Friday, February 5, 2010


Whatchuknow about chillwave, chillgaze, chillhouse, post electro, hypnagogic pop, chillagenic-honey-bunches-of-chill..... whatever the fuck you want to call it, here's the best of the best. It got big over the summer, hella synths/ low tempo loops you might already be down as a frown with this shit but i feel no blog would be complete without it. And it reminds me of summer which is well needed right now. Here's my top-8(like MySpace?)-so-fucking-chill(wave)-bands/the only ones i really know (by the way, none of these lists are in any special order)

1.) NEON INDIAN. They've probably gotten the biggest by far. You've probably heard the catchy Deadbeat Summer track but here's a couple more too.

2.) WASHED OUT. Deemed the "new neon indian" on the blogosphere (lame i know) I def like them more i think than neon indian and their album covers. Here's a drake mash-up i came across recently with one of their songs. pretttyyyy dopee i must admit.
3.) MEMORY TAPES. Better than Neon Indian AND Washed Out. I might go as far as to say this track is MY FAVORITE SONG OF 2009. Yeah. I said it. This shit POPS OFF at 1:19. Then again at the end with the key change and guitar. Boner.

4.) BEACH HOUSE. These guys rock. This shit gives you goosebumps. I reallyy like music like that affects my skin in such a way....

5.) CASIOKIDS. I think these guys are Finnish...? (like sonja) BUT it turns out they're Norwegian (thanks Ingi). Same thing though... It took me a minute to find this shit when it first came out. Not really stereotip chillwave but I really love this song. And you will too. Makes me happyyyyyy...
6.) ATLAS SOUND. The singer from this group is the same dude from Deer Hunter. Noah Lennox featured from the Animal Collective. Cool. Thanks for the correction soph...Whaddayaknoww. Really catchy synth loop on Walkabout. Thumbs up.

7.) TORO Y MOI. This shit's real cute. Catchy little number. I think Blessa is their bigger song but I like the other song bettah.

8.) KID ROCK. This song is totally what i listen to whan i just really wanna chillaxxxxx.

And that's all folks. That's ray charles to the right. Because this genre might be sorta associated with smoking ganjj i'll leave you with this....

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