Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Xx. RemiXxed.

I heard its really warm and springy in the twin cities today. Fuck that. The picture posted above is out of pure spite. Send some down to Madison. I've got so many man tanks (manks)(get familiar) just calling my name from my dresser. Thinking of warmth is habitual. Anyways, I promised myself I wouldnt post today because I have so much shit to do but i dont give no fuuckkk. So appreciate this.

The Xx. What do you know about The Xx. Get to know if you don't. I love them. Their dreamy back and forth female/male vocals and guitar are so good for cold solitary days like today. So twin cities kids feel free not to download, maybe I'll post some fucking Beach Boys for you guys. Here are my 2-Favorite-The-Xx-RemiXxes (Get it??!)

ONE.) Makes Biggie and Pac's lyrics hit so much harder. more  haunting. Download the original too. Realized last night that this song is also used in some Apollo Ono commercial.... sell-outsss... 
>Intro- The Xx 
>Runnin' With The Xx (Quix vs. Eliot Blend)-Biggie vs. Tupac vs. The Xx
      Run from the police. Picture that. I'm too fat. Fuck around and get an asthma attack. That's why I bust back. It don't phase me...
      ---Favorite line in rap evuuurr.

      TWO.) Really love this original song. I think that's why I loved and appreciated the Grandtheft remix so much. Vocals and guitar are so on. Download both to see how the game should be played 
      >Crystalized- The Xx 
          >Crystalized (Grandtheft Remix)- The Xx 

          Who looks more intimidating? Biggie and Pac (in a time of peace), Or the indie leather jacket wearing punks The Xx?? Vote now!

          1 MORE THING... Been looking for an excuse to put this video up for a while. Don't see any better one than this post. Goes so fucking hardd..... even with the pink borderline... R.I.P.


          1. LOVE THE BLOG! This post is so cranky, makes me feel better about living in Michigan. And i vote Tupac and Biggie.

          2. haha, glad you're appreciating it. I must admit though.. it was pretty sunny today here in madtown. I wont rub it in though..